Production and facilities

OFFICINE DI CORTABBIO produces all flanges in his two factories in Primaluna:

  • headquarters and factory in Via Provinciale 147, with machining area, warehouse of finish products, laboratory and offices
  • factory in Via Merla 8, with forging plants, heat treatment plants and warehouse of base materials and rough forgings flanges.

All base material is purchased from leading West European steel mills and is supplied with a quality certificate EN 10204/3.1

The production cycle of OFFICINE DI CORTABBIO is planned and monitored by a management system which guarantees quality, efficiency and traceability.

Since the reception and control of the material in acceptance, for each phase of the process, and up to the final testing, the product is uniquely identified.

The production data are monitored, “measured” and registered to ensure and allow:

  • The control and monitoring on every step of the process
  • The detection of critical points and / or lack of efficiency
  • The checking of the advancement of each phase at the expected timeframe